Wine Dinners

Oct 21       Smoke Jack | Cru Beaujolais


Saturday Tastings   

Sept 28 Natural California

Oct 6        Under the Tuscan Sun

Oct 13       California Standouts

Oct 20      Willamette Damnit

Oct 27       South American Vacation


Tuesday/Thursday Classes

Oct 2        Off the Beaten Path

Oct 4        Rhone Varietals

Oct 9       Chardonnay Showdown

Oct 11      You had me at Rose

Oct 16      Italian Reds

Oct 18      Sauvignon Blanc Extraordinaire

Oct 23      Private Tasting

Oct 25      New World Blends

Oct 29      All the Bubbles

Oct 31      Brown Bag Challenge






Every week it's important to remember why we love wine. Join us as we open 4-6 bottles and explore something new.

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