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A curated collection of the finest wines
to explore & enjoy.



A bottle or an experience

Whether you’re looking for the next best daily drinker or highly collectable offering you will receive the same personalized service and detailed experience. We exist because we love people and we want people to drink the most amazing wine possible. Come explore...




For every palate and occasion

We believe that wine is subjective and that learning to understand one’s personal likes and dislikes can unlock the mystery that confounds so many when first learning about the subject. Some people prefer a flavor profile that is tannic and earthy with fruit in the background and some people prefer rich, ripe fruit up front and a soft, smooth finish. Most people land somewhere in between.

We also believe that there is a wine for every occasion. Let us help you find the perfect fit!




Meet Adam Danielson

Adam has been working on Fermented for over ten years and what started as a passion project in his living room in Santa Barbara has grown into a wine boutique that seeks out the best bottles of wine from the most thoughtful producers from around the globe.  Danielson has a unique and diverse view of the wine industry. Most of his background has been in the restaurant industry as he cut his teeth and honed his skills running successful wine programs.


We cater our selection to your preferences and price point. Don't let inexperience or price be a barrier to explore new vineyards.


Let's get drinks.


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